Lyra aka Aerial Hoop

The aerial hoop (also known as the lyra, aerial ring or cerceau/cerceaux) is a circular steel apparatus (resembling a hula hoop) suspended from the ceiling, on which circus artists may perform aerial acrobatics.


  • ​Our aerial hoop classes are a 6 week commitment. Classes meet once a week for an hour. 

  • Cost for a 6 week series - $124 Or students can drop in by picking the dates they want. Drop is is $26 a class.

  • All classes have a class size limit. This is to ensure students get adequate time on the equipment and teachers are able to spot students in a safe ratio. Once the class is full no more students may enroll.

We have two levels available: 
Level 1 
This class is designed for individuals who have never taken an aerial hoop (Lyra) class or are new to aerial hoop.  In this class you will learn basic tricks along with the various techniques to enter and exit the hoop, conditioning, strength and flexibility exercises. After learning these fundamentals, you will be comfortable joining a level 2 class.

Level 2 
You will begin to learn choreographed sequences and more advanced moves. 
Prerequisites to join: Must be able to safely mount and dismount the lyra (both straddle and trapeze/pike), do a pullover mount, and be comfortable performing basic moves within the lyra.


Both classes are for Teens 13 and older - Adults

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Because of scheduling there may be times when a Friday Hoop class will need to be canceled. Enrolled students will be notified by email.

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